The House of Terror (Terror Háza) Museum

The House of Terror (Terror Háza) Museum

The House of Terror (Terror Háza) is a museum located on Andrássy Avenue (Andrássy út) very close to Oktogon. One of the most powerful museums in Europe it illustrates the grim decades of Fascist and Communist repression, with the museum occupying the former headquarters for the secret police of both the Nazi and Communist governments. It is also a memorial to the victims of these regimes, including those tortured and killed in the building.

The museum was opened in February 2002. The reconstruction turned the exterior of the building into a monument; the black exterior structure provides a frame for the museum, making it stand out in sharp contrast to the other buildings on Andrássy Avenue (Andrássy út). The awning has the word TERROR cut out of it, so that when the sun shines through these letters it symbolises the terror which was projected on the Hungarian people for fifty years of dictatorial rule.

The tank and photos of victims in the House of Terror

The tank and photos of victims in the House of Terror

The permanent exhibitions display material relating to Hungary’s relationships with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It also contains exhibits related to Hungarian organisations such as the fascist Arrow Cross Party and the communist ÁVH (similar to the Soviet Union’s KGB secret police). Part of the exhibition is located in the basement where you can see examples of the cells that the ÁVH used to break the will of their prisoners.

The House of Terror also has temporary exhibitions from time to time. Check here for more information. (Currently there are none running, but see some of the recent exhibitions by clicking here!)

Some people have argued that the museum portrays Hungary as the victim of foreign occupation and does not recognize enough the contribution that Hungarians themselves made to the regimes in question as well.

Full price ticket: 1800 HUF (About 6 Euros) and temporary exhibition ticket price 800 HUF (About 3 Euros). Audioguides are also available in English and German for 1300 HUF (About 5 Euros) but are not required as they have printed sheets with all the information in English and German in each room or area of the exhibitions.

Being close to Oktogon you can get there with the 4 and 6 trams, the Metro line 1 to Vörösmarty utca station and the bus number 105. See the travel section for more information.

Click here for the House of Terror official website in English.

Let me know if you have any questions about the museum or feedback if you have visited the House of Terror.

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