The Budapest Public transport company's (BKV) logo

The Budapest Public transport company's (BKV) logo

The Budapest public transport is a cheap and easy way to get around this great city.

You do have to purchase your tickets or travel pass in advance though as you cannot buy tickets on the buses, trams, trains or metro and you must validate it on the bus or tram and before you get on the metro or train.

If you are caught without a validated ticket you will be fined on the spot and the inspectors often do not speak English. Travel is cheap, so just make sure you have tickets before you want to travel and that you validate them.

You purchase tickets and passes at “Pénztár” windows near the entrances of most metro stations.  Many of these cashiers do not speak any language except Hungarian, so be prepared to use some sign language, or learn the words for ticket, pass, etc. You will also find single tickets on sale at most newsstands, including those at the airport.

There is a single ticket for 300 HUF, valid for a single ride (no transfers) on any metro line or other public transport in Budapest. There are further tickets available specifically for the metro: a section ticket for up to three stops (250 HUF) and a transfer ticket for a trip with one transfer (470 HUF).

Travel cards
are also available for 1 day (1,550 HUF), 3 days (3,850 HUF), 1 week (4,600 HUF), 2 weeks (6,200 HUF), 30 days (9,400 HUF), etc and discount packs containing ten tickets for 2,700 HUF (a 10% discount on buying the tickets individually). A Budapest Card is often recommended for tourists, enabling free public transport in Budapest, but it is only worthwhile if one intends to visit lots of sights and take part in the available programs within the given two or three days.

Click here for a full list of up to date ticket and pass prices!

Western railway station ticket office

Western railway station (Nyugati pályaudvar) ticket office

If you still have any queries about the tickets and passes, where to get them or what tickets you need let me know in the comments section below.

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