Budapest metro station

Budapest metro station

The Budapest Metro is the underground system in the Hungarian capital Budapest and a cheap and easy way to get around town. It is the third oldest underground system in the world (after the Metropolitan Railway, now a part of London Underground, and the deep-level Mersey Railway, now a part of Merseyrail) and will help you enjoy the city of Budapest by getting you where you need to go! Its iconic Line 1 (dating from 1896) was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002.

You have to buy your ticket in advance and validate it in the station at the start of your journey. Trains run from around 4.30 am until around 23.30 pm but it is best to check the timetables at the metro stations or online before (links below).

The Budapest Metro currently consists of three lines, each designated by a number and a colour. Metro Line 4 is currently under construction; the first section is to begin operation in 2011.

To determine the best route for you using public transport, use the BKV’s website,  (only in Hungarian) or this Budapest public transport route-planning site (English is available here). These both work best when you have the exact addresses for your proposed journey’s beginning and end.

Click here for full details on all the travel ticket and pass options!

Budapest Metro Line 1

Budapest Metro Line 1

Metro Line 1, the Millennium underground

This is the oldest and shortest of the metro lines, running from Vörösmarty tér, in the heart of the city, near the Danube in the 5th district, to Mexikói út, on the outer side of the City Park, in the 14th district.

Stations: Vörösmarty tér – Deák Ferenc tér (M2 & M3) – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út – Oktogon – Vörösmarty utca – Kodály körönd – Bajza utca – Hősök tere – Széchenyi fürdő – Mexikói út

This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Click here for the official timetable of Metro Line 1

Budapest Metro Line 2

Budapest Metro Line 2

Metro Line 2, the East to West metro

This line runs from Déli pályaudvar, in Buda, out to Örs vezér tere in the east of Pest.

Stations: Déli pályaudvar – Moszkva tér – Batthyány tér – Kossuth Lajos tér – Deák Ferenc tér (M1 & M3) – Astoria – Blaha Lujza tér – Keleti pályaudvar – Stadionok – Pillangó utca – Örs vezér tere

This is currently the only metro with stops in Buda, though the M4, currently under construction, will also have stops across the Danube in Buda!

Click here for the official timetable of Metro Line 2

Budapest Metro Line 3

Budapest Metro Line 3

Metro Line 3, the north to south metro

This line runs from Újpest-Központ, in the north of Pest, down to Kőbánya-Kispest in the south east of Pest.

Stations: Újpest-Központ – Újpest-Városkapu – Gyöngyösi utca – Forgách utca – Árpád híd – Dózsa György út – Lehel tér – Nyugati pályaudvar – Arany János utca – Deák Ferenc tér (M1 & M2) – Ferenciek tere – Kálvin tér – Ferenc körút – Klinikák – Nagyvárad tér – Népliget – Ecseri út – Pöttyös utca – Határ út – Kőbánya-Kispest

This is currently the longest route, with the most stops.

Click here for the official timetable of Metro Line 3

Check out this full map of the current Budapest metro lines:

The 3 current Budapest Metro lines

The 3 current Budapest Metro lines

Let me know if you have any questions about the Budapest underground system in the comments below!

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