Ferihegy 1

Ferihegy 1

Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (Hungarian: Ferihegyi Nemzetközi Repülőtér or simply Ferihegy), pronounced “Ferry-hedge”, is the international airport serving the Hungarian capital city of Budapest, and the largest of the Hungary’s five international airports. The airport offers international connections primarily within Europe, but also to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Terminal 1 – serves all low-cost carriers. The terminal building is unusual in that it resembles the shape of an aircraft viewed from above.

Terminal 2A – serves all Schengen destinations.

Ferihegy 2A

Ferihegy 2A

Terminal 2B – although connected to Terminal 2A, it is referred to as a separate terminal and serves all non-Schengen destinations.

Getting to and from Ferihegy


Hungarian State Railways runs suburban and long-distance services between Terminal 1 and Nyugati Railway Station in Budapest city centre. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes, costs 300HUF, and runs 2-3 times per hour. To check the train timetable click here! Remember this only runs from Ferihegy terminal 1.

Buses and the airport shuttle

An airport articulated bus, no. 200E leaves for the city centre every 8-12 minutes with a ticket costing 300-400 HUF (it is more expensive to purchase the ticket from the driver). This bus runs to the starting station of the M3 underground line, Kőbánya-Kispest – also a mainline railway station. Click here for the bus timetable.

Ferihegy 2B

Ferihegy 2B

The Budapest Airport Minibusz, or Airport Minibus, operates an 11 passenger airport shuttle service that takes passengers to any destination in the city. Tickets can be purchased at the Airport Minibus counter, or on-line. Click here for more details and info on the Budapest airport shuttle!


Only Zóna Taxi is authorised to use the airport cab stands. They operate under a zone-based fixed-rate system. A typical cab fare from Ferihegy to the centre of Budapest is 4800-5500 HUF. Click here for more info on Zóna Taxi fares and services!

For more information on parking, arrivals, departures, travel and anything else related to the Ferihegy airport terminals click here!

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